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Watercolor rusty art

Having a love for art and an equal love for cars, it was only a matter of time before the two merged.  I have found myself searching in many types of places looking for the right patina.  No two cars will age the same.  The subject of my paintings will be from the 1920’s to the 1960’s.  Nature has a way of creating this beautiful art through years of rain, wind, wear and sun.  I try to capture that moment on paper.Dark Dub Studio - VW watercolor art


First I find the subject.  I will photgraph all or part of it.  From the photo, I will draw it in graphite.  Then I use Japanese drawing ink and redraw the subject, adding the backgrowatercolor artund I want.  The last step I use many layers of watercolor to reach the rust finish that is present in the actual car.   I like to recreate every flake, dent and crack that is possible.

I love to paint old VW’s and Rat Rods because of their unique finishes.  If you want a painting of a new shiny paint job, I am not your man.  If you like the art of nature and vehicles, check out the gallery section.  I will be adding new prints in the near future.

All of my prints are either signed and numbered Artist Proofs or Standard Prints.

Thanks for your interest.  Mike



VW watercolor art

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